The Mogollon Rim

Jack Humphrey // Expedition Rewilding


May 11  

Juniper is already in Tucson and I’m flying to meet her and life-long friends for a couple of days before embarking on a few sections of the Arizona BDR.

I will be filming the ride for my YouTube channel, but I also have a side-quest: filming the Mogollon Rim for a mini-documentary for the Rewilding Institute and Wild Arizona.

Just last night I got the incredible news that someone we all know is going to be in the vicinity of one of my stops. And I am doing everything I can to be sure to meet them and thank them for their part in inspiring me to do this crazy thing! (No, I’m not telling who it is, you just have to watch the video on YouTube!) 🙂

Riding weather here in Indiana has been spectacular the last several days. Not having Juniper (the longest since I bought her) is driving me crazy. Here she sits in a friend’s garage in Tucson waiting to hit the trail!

It will be about 4 weeks before the first video goes up. Can’t wait to show you what I have been planning for months!

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By day, I'm the Director of Digital Outreach for The Rewilding Institute and producer and host of the Rewilding Earth Podcast. I'm also an adventure motorcycle filmmaker, river rat, and concerned Earthling documenting stories of hope and rewilding on this amazing planet!

Jack Humphrey